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Trimming after a 3 day course

PostPosted: Tue Aug 22, 2006 12:11 pm
by tkaiser
I would like to learn how to trim myself. Is it possible to do this at a three day course?

Trimming horses is a difficult task. It is a blend of science and craftsmanship that takes years to perfect. The training to become a Strasser Hoofcare ProfessionalTM (SHP) is extensive and runs over a two-year period. The course work consists of theoretical knowledge and practical application. Individuals sit for two comprehensive written exams and Dr. Strasser scrutinizes their trimming.

The goal of The Strasser Hoofcare SeminarsTM is to introduce attendees to the anatomy of a healthy hoof and compare that with pathological hooves. Attendees to The Strasser Hoofcare SeminarsTM sign a waiver acknowledging that they understand that they cannot obtain in a day or two the skill level necessary to trim their own horse's hooves. Unfortunately, though, there are some individuals who claim to be practicing The Strasser MethodTM after attending one or two weekend courses. These individuals are not adequately trained.

As a horse owner, you must protect yourself by insisting on the highest level of training (an SHP designation) from your hoofcare provider. Check on for the list of qualified and certified SHP's in New Zealand and Australia.